Best Pool Winterizing Kits

In today’s saturated market, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the choices and difficulty in making a purchase decision. To help consumers make the best choice, we have compiled this list of Best Pool Winterizing Kits to help you out. Our team has taken into consideration various factors, such as customer feedback, features, specifications, and price, before finalizing these product options.

Best Pool Winterizing Kits

In The Swim Pool Winterizing and Closing Chemical Kit - Up to 35,000 Gallons

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  • For use with pools up to 35,000 gallons only
  • Kits use chlorine-free chemicals that will not stain or bleach liners and is safe for use on all pool surfaces
  • Slow-release floater keeps your pool oxidized all winter long
  • Not for use in pools on a biguanide based sanitizing system
  • Includes: 1 Qt. Winterizer, 1 Qt. Winter Stain-Away, 3 Lbs. Chlorine Free Pool Shock, 1 Winter Sorb, and 1 Winter Pool Floater

Doheny's Ultimate Pool Winterizing and Closing Chemical Kit (for Pools Up to 15,000 Gallons)

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as of June 6, 2022 1:45 pm


  • TAKE THE GUESS-WORK OUT OF CLOSING YOUR POOL IN THE FALL WITH DOHENY'S POOL CLOSING KIT! This convenient package contains all of the chemicals you need to get your pool ready for the winter months!
  • BENEFITS OF DOHENY'S POOL CLOSING KITS INCLUDE eliminating the need to buy all of your pool closing chemicals separately. Kits work for pools 7,500 to 35,000 gallons. All kits include easy to follow instructions!
  • EACH ULTIMATE CLOSING KIT CONTAINS Doheny's Metal Out - the ULTIMATE Stain, Rust & Scale Preventer; Winter Guard Control; Time-Released Winter Oxidizing Tablets - our “SECRET IN THE BOX”(!), and Chlorine-Free Oxidizing Shock.
  • OUR POOL MASTER CLOSING KIT IS THE MOST POWERFUL POOL CLOSING CHEMICAL KIT ON THE MARKET! Similar To Our Ultimate Kit For Pools Up To 35,000 Gallons - BUT, Also Includes 1 QUART BOTTLES OF Metal Free and Pool Magic Fall & Phos-Free!

Robelle 3930SP 30,000 Swimming Pool Winter Chemical Kit, Gallons

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as of June 6, 2022 1:45 pm


  • Contains 4 lbs. Winter Shock, 2 Qt. Winter Clear and 2 Qt. Anti-Stain Control
  • Includes complete winterizing instructions
  • For use in all swimming pools
  • For use with all sanitizers

SeaKlear AquaPill AP71 WinterPill Swimming Pool Winterizer Pill

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as of June 6, 2022 1:45 pm


  • Floats under your winter cover all season
  • Performs well with mesh safety covers
  • Patented 6-month delivery system
  • Safe for all surfaces and filters
  • One small WinterPill treats up to 30,000 gal

Robelle 3415 Triple-Action Winter Kit for Swimming Pools, 15000-Gallon

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as of June 6, 2022 1:45 pm


  • Includes 1 Qt; Winterizer, 2 Lb; Winter Shock, 1 Qt; Anti-Stain Control
  • Treats Pools Up To 15,000 Gallons
  • Makes Pool Opening Easier
  • No Assembly Required

Robelle 3510 Swimming Pool Triple-Action Winter Kit, 10000-Gallon

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as of June 6, 2022 1:45 pm


  • Includes the chemicals you need to close your pool, protect your pool this winter, and yield the most stress-free spring opening you’ve ever had
  • The Summer and Winter Multi-Purpose Algaecide will prevent algae growth during the winter months
  • The Winter Stain & Scale Control will prevent stain and scale while the pool is closed
  • Oxidizing Shock and Swim is the highest strength non-chlorine oxidizing pool shock - effective at eliminating organic contaminants

Rx Clear Winter Pool Closing Kits | Winterizing Chemicals for Above or Inground Swimming Pools | Open to a Crystal Clear Pool in The Spring | Up to 20,000 Gallons

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as of June 6, 2022 1:45 pm


  • ALL IN ONE - This premium Rx Clear Winter Pool Chemical Closing Kit has everything you need to get your pool water ready for hibernation. Have an easy closing this winter, as well as a hassle-free opening in the spring! The Premium Closing Kit is suitable for pools up to 20,000 gallons.
  • KEEP YOUR POOL SPARKLING - Rx Clear Winter Pool Chemical Closing Kits comes with stabilized chlorine tablets that are the best choice for an effective and economical pool maintenance program all season long. Ordering a larger winterizing kit than your pool size may help to protect against winter cover problems.
  • LESS WORK - Adding pool closing chemicals to your water will help keep it clear and blue for the next season. Closing your swimming pool with the right winter pool chemicals can save you a lot of work when it comes time to open your swimming pool for the summer. Our powerful combination of winterizing chemicals help to prevent algae growth, eliminate minerals and metals that can cause liner stains and build-up, and purge lotions, oils, grease, and grime from your pool water.
  • KEEP CONTROL - Prevents stains, scaling and brown water due to mineral build up. Rx Clear Winter Pool Chemical Closing Kits help keep control on iron levels and the levels of other metals in pool water. Using this kit helps stop corrosion of metal surfaces such as light fixtures, railings, ladders, screws, pool cover components, pool heater components, and metals in your pump or filter.
  • TRUSTED POOL CHEMICALS - Maintain your swimming pool or spa with reliable pool chemicals and treatment supplies that you can depend on from Rx Clear. The Rx Clear brand is the premier choice for a trusted cleaning product to keep your pool in its best shape.

Buffalo Blizzard Ripstopper Green Winter Cover for 24-Foot Round Above-Ground Swimming Pool | 4-Foot Overlap Allows for Secure Installation | Winter Closing Kit Included

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as of June 6, 2022 1:45 pm


  • BUILT TO LAST - Ripstopper Winter Cover features a super-strength interlock weave of polyethylene fabric that yields 3 times the normal tear strength of regular winter covers. A large 4 ft overlap making it a 28' round cover, allows for installation on virtually all above ground pools.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Keep unwanted items from falling into your swimming pool while closing it up for the season with the use of the Ripstopper Winter Cover. Save time and energy whenever you are ready to open up again as your pool will be free from debris.
  • FULLY COVERED - The Ripstopper is the ultimate winter cover. It is durable, dependable, and built to last. The latest technology proves to make this cover the toughest there is. Constructed of polyethylene fabric to resist the harsh winter weather the Rip-Stopper uses a proprietary weave to stop rips as they form.
  • DESIGNED TO DEFEND - Close your swimming pool confidently with double stitched and triple thick hems using UV resistant nylon threads that are used to withstand the sun. This lightweight cover has 12x12 scrim per square inch.
  • WINTER IS COMING - The installation of a winter cover will likely require some assistance from friends, family or a friendly neighbor. In advance of seeking help, the water level should be lowered beneath the skimmer, winter plug inserted and the water winterized with closing chemicals.

BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Closing Kit - up to 24K Gallons

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as of June 6, 2022 1:45 pm


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